AIM Rule 26 Compliance

The information on this page is disclosed for the purposes of AIM Rule 26 and it was last updated on 09 June 2020

Description of business – Advance Energy plc is a London-traded international oil & gas company. For further information, go to Operations.

For a full list of the Directors’ responsibilities, go to Corporate governance.

The function of the Board is supported by an audit committee and a remuneration committee. These committees were formed and constituted on the 7 October 2020 by a Board resolution. The Company will monitor and review the need to form any further committees as required.

The Board has also agreed that appointments to the Board are made by the Board as a whole and so has not created a Nominations Committee. The Board shall review further appointments as scale and complexity grows. For further details on the company's Corporate Governance Statement go to Corporate governance.

Country of incorporation & main country of operation – Advance Energy plc is
incorporated in the Isle of Man and the Company’s principal countries of
operation are Indonesia & the United Kingdom. As the Company is incorporated in
the Isle of Man the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of
shareholders in a UK incorporated company. The Company is subject to the UK city
code on Takeovers and Mergers.

For the Company’s constitutional document, go to Corporate Documents.

The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

The total number of securities in issue as at 23 November 2020 is 1,718,417,116.

as at 09 June 2020 the Company is aware, shares not in public hands is 44.67%

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

As at 30 September 2020 the Company is aware of the following persons who hold, directly or indirectly, voting rights representing 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company.

Major Shareholder Number %
Directors (refer below) 289,518,742 18.55
Mr Sebastian Marr 185,648,200 11.90
John Geoffrey Bolitho 125,137,892 8.02
Crossways Ato Bruschini Rats 117,171,220 7.51
Brintons 111,849,759 7.17
Jarvis Investment Management 97,445,422 6.24
Optiva Securities   80,242,584 5.14
Anthony John Battrick 66,666,666 4.27
Hargreaves Lansdown  66,418,615 4.26
Directors Shareholdings
Major Shareholder Number %
Mark Rollins  139,833,333 8.96
Leslie Peterkin 138,833,333 8.90
Stephen West 8,799,201 0.56
Ross Warner 2,052,875 0.13

For all of the Company’s financial information, go to Corporate Documents.

For the Company’s admission document and circulars, go to Corporate Documents.

For a full list of the Company’s announcements, go to News. In accordance with
AIM Rule 26 and Market Abuse Regulations, company announcements will be
available for a period of at least 5 years.

For the Company’s corporate governance code, go to Corporate Governance.

Nominated Adviser:
Strand Hanson Limited
26 Mount Row

Auditors and Reporting Accountants:
Lubbock Fine
65 St Paul’s Churchyard

Joint Broker:
Optiva Securities Ltd
49 Berkeley Square

Joint Broker:
Tennyson Securities 
23rd Floor, 20 Fenchurch Street

Company Secretary:
Grainne Devlin
FIM Capital Limited
55 Athol Street
Isle of Man

Public & Investor Relations:
Ben Romney / Kelsey Traynor
107 Cheapside

Computershare Investor Services (Jersey) Limited
Queensway House
Hilgrove Street
St Helier
Channel Islands